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Health Insurance
Health Insurance
Health Insurance for Individuals and families is one of our specialties. You can obtain quotes for most policies, download brochures, rates, applications and apply online or by fax. Insurance is regulated and everyone has the same price, so naturally nobody beats our price!

CareFirst Health Insurance
Blue Cross of Maryland has some of the most popular low cost health insurance plans for individuals and families in the State of Maryland. We have them on our site ready for you to learn about, get quotes, and apply today!

Maryland Health Insurance
We sell health insurance in DC, Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Indiana (IN), Michigan (MI), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Pennsylvania (PA), Texas (TX), Virginia (VA), and many more states. We're global and we're local! We started in Maryland and we have helped countless Maryland residents find the right coverage. Call us for your free Maryland insurance quote and help the local Maryland economy!

Health Savings Accounts
Medical Savings accounts were replaced by the new Health Savings Account. We have the health insurance and the savings accounts. Learn how these accounts can help lower your taxes.

Temporary Health Insurance
We're the only site on the web that allows you to quote and purchase temporary health insurance plans from four different insurance carriers. And, since our price is the same, why would you go anywhere else? (We can't say it enough).

COBRA Insurance
COBRA Insurance is expensive. Read how you can save money and who this coverage is appropriate for....

Dental Insurance
Many sites on the web that offer dental insurance aren't even run by insurance agents -- They're MLM companies -- being such they ONLY offer discount plans. We have the Ameritas plan which is the best dental insurance plan on the market.

This is an article you need to read if you're considering joining the NASE assocation for your health insurance...

Life Insurance

Guaranteed Issue/High Risk Plans
We can insure where others fail.

Disability Insurance
We can get you disability insurance quotes from the best in the business including Guardian, Standard, Met Life, Union Central and more.

Long-Term Care Insurance
We can provide long term care quotes from any company and advise you on the best strategies...

Long-Term Care FAQs
We've thought of most of your long-term care questions and we have the answers here....

Long-Term Care Tax Deductions
We're not the only ones who want you to buy long term care insurance. Uncle Sam may even chip in a couple bucks by way of a tax deduction....

Download Shopper's Guide
This is an unbiased guide about features and benefits of long term care insurance.

International Travel Insurance
Travel Medical Insurance
Leaving for the airport? No problem....

International Health Insurance
4 of the top companies in one place for the same price....

Immigrant Medical Insurance
Welcome to America! Where's your health insurance?

Travel Life Insurance
We have and, so yeah we do a lot of this....

International Life Insurance
Should be self-explanatory.....

We don't speak Spanish, but our web site does. We have international travel and health insurance for the Spanish-speaking population....

Business-Employee Benefits
We can get you anything from AFLAC to Zurich. If you need help, we've got you covered...

Executive/Key Person Benefits
They're valuable to your business, so insure them....

They say people live longer with these. Find out why.....

Stock Market Indexed Annuities
The #1 source for getting indexed annuities for retirement.

Specialty Insurance
Non-Sports Disability Programs
Actors, Musicians, Voice-Over talent, and high net-worth executives can get coverage for higher limits than available through traditional companies.

Sports Disability Programs
We can cover Baseball Players, Basketball Players, Jockeys, Football Players, and athletes from just about every sport...