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TheInsuranceNet.com is the insurance arm of Motsco Financial & Insurance – a financial services company located in the Baltimore-Washington Corridor.

Our firm’s goal is to cure the “round-peg in the square-hole” syndrome that can affect consumers. A tell-tale sign of this syndrome is owning financial products bearing the same name as the company listed on the agent’s business card. There are thousands of insurance companies worldwide, and we find it difficult to understand how their product is always “a fit” for the client.

We start from zero with each potential client by finding out as much as possible about what the person is looking for and making recommendations that we feel are best suited – that is “finding the square peg.” We look to the most reputable companies for the insurance products you need. At the same time we give you as many tools as possible to get instant online quotes. If we can help it we won’t make you wait. Some products do require more education before we feel comfortable sending a quote or an application, but when possible we’ll try to fulfill your request.

Look around the internet and you will find that no other insurance site has the number of quoting tools, brochures, or purchase options as we do. Some have good information, but we’ve found that most either have too much information, too little information, or are just too confusing to navigate. We tried to balance the right amount of information in a logical sequence with answers and applications at your fingertips. But if it’s not enough for you, we have our toll free phone number listed on every page.

We want to be the source that you turn to for education, advice, and transacting your insurance business.

Please read our disclaimers for information about our quoting engines, information, and brochures provided on this site.

Thank You!

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