Stock Market Indexed Annuities

Upside Potential - Downside Protection

Equity-Linked Indexed Annuities are innovative fixed annuities designed to help you reach your retirement goals. Equity-Linked Indexed Annuities combine the attractive features of tax deferral with returns linked to the percentage growth in a stock index, while offering a minimum guarantee. Be in “cash” and “in the market” at the same time and take the better return.

Each equity-indexed annuity has unique product features including different minimum guarantees, withdrawal privileges, contract options, index options, and index participation rates.

Participation rates let you know how much of the upside you’ll participate in – usually 70-90%. But, don’t just pick the highest participation rate because there are a half-dozen different ways to do these calculations. Most are confusing – and some are not advantageous to you.

Jackson National Life offers competitive Equity-Linked Indexed Annuities to meet the demanding needs of today's investors. There are many companies that have these annuities, but this one is the simplest to understand, and one of the most popular ones due to its competitiveness. If you want one, this is the one you want. Remember we can offer any contract out there. We just happen to think if you’re going to get one you will be best served by this one. If another company comes out with one equally as competitive we’ll put it here. Until then, the application is below.

The minimum deposit is $10,000 and that can be paid by check or you can transfer an existing annuity, CD, life insurance policy, or IRA (or SEP-IRA) that meets the minimum deposit.

Download this sheet for further explanation and an application.