Tax-Free Exchanges/Upgrades

Annuity Upgrade
You may be able to upgrade your existing annuity using a 1035 tax-free exchange. That's the IRS code section that allows you to move your money from one annuity to another without a taxable event (or a life insurance policy to a life insurance policy or life insurance policy to an annuity – NOT annuity to life insurance though).

You would want to do this for many reasons.
1) You were sold an annuity with an attractive first year rate, but now it’s returning below market rates.
2) Move that fixed annuity into a Stock Market Indexed Annuity for greater potential.
3) Fearful of the stability of the current carrier or aren’t receiving the service you deserve.

Give us a call for current rates.

Stop Paying Life Insurance Premiums (or lower them)
If you no longer have a need for life insurance, consider rolling your existing cash value policy to an annuity. If you don’t have a loan on the policy this exchange can be done without paying taxes. If you have a bigger need for insurance, consider rolling that old policy to a new one to hopefully get lower premiums. Contact us for more details.

Transfer that 401(k) or IRA to something safer
The direct transfer avoids the 20% withholding from retirement plans. Call us for details on how you can transfer your 401(k) or IRA. If you want to move into the Stock Market Indexed Annuity, we have the forms online. Feel free to call us for help if you need it.