Health, Life, & Disability

Group Health Insurance
There isn’t much more that we can do that your current broker can’t do for group health insurance. All insurance brokers generally get their health quotes from a handful of administrators in each state. These administrators are licensed with most (if not all) of the insurance companies that are available in the state and are the ones who administer billing and enrollment. The administrator and the broker are ultimately paid by the insurance company that you choose. You can’t save money by circumventing the broker or the administrator. You’ll pay the same it’s just a question of the service you’ll receive.

If you’re happy with your current health insurance broker, please call him or her to do your shopping – they should be able to show you other options. If you don’t have one or aren’t getting the service you deserve, you’re in the right place.

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Group Life & Disability
We can save you money with group life and disability. We can do that because most health insurance brokers get their life and disability quotes from the health administrators mentioned above. The health insurance administrators may only carry 3 or 4 different carriers for life and disability coverage. It can be convenient to use these companies because the administrator can give your company one bill for your life, health, and disability. However, we go direct to the life and disability companies. This gives our clients the opportunity to save money with companies that their health administrator doesn’t have an agreement with. What could you do with a 10-20% savings off of your life and disability insurance?

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