Your income is doing a double job for you. It's providing today's basic necessities and luxuries as well as serving as the foundation of your future plans. As long as you have the ability to earn an income, you are hopefully able to pay your expenses and accumulate assets.

But what would happen if a disability should strike?

1. Your need for the basic necessities of life would continue.
2. Future needs for retirement, children's education, etc. would still exist.
3. Your desire for extras like a nice car, house, occasional vacation would potentially have to move over for increased medical bills.

Disability insurance may provide the income needed when you can’t.

The companies below all participate in the disability insurance market. Click on the ones that have a link to download a sample policy. We can represent all of these companies on your behalf -- at the same rate you'd get anywhere else.

American United Life

Guardian/Berkshire Life

Jefferson Pilot

Pan American Life

Standard Insurance Co.

Assurity Life

Illinois Mutual

Mass Mutual Life

Met Life (CA policy)


Union Central Life

TheInsuranceNet.com will shop the best disability companies in the business for you. Insurance is regulated, so the quotes we obtain will be exactly the same (to the penny) regardless of the source you would use to get quotes (us, other broker, agent for company, or direct) so long as the quote is accurate.

The advantage of buying from us is that we are completely unbiased, because no insurance company pays for or subsidizes any of our marketing efforts or office space. If you do buy and you buy from us, the insurance company will compensate us -- you will never pay anything for our service. Our loyalty is to you, our potential client, and that is why we will never sell for just one company.

Also, do yourself a favor and choose one broker who can get you a handful of quotes to compare and explain them in a manner that you're comfortable with (we'd like it to be us, of course). The problem with using multiple brokers is that one might classify your occupation a little differently to illustrate a lower price, but once you go through underwriting the underwriter will ultimately be the one to classify you correctly (again, regardless of what the quote says). Also, by adding and subtracting riders there are an infinite number of ways to quote them. We will never show you a better classification if we don't think it's a reasonable expectation that you can get it. But, at the same time we don't want to lose your business because you think you're getting a better deal when in fact, by law, you can't.

Finally, don't try to buy and/or shop for this coverage solely electronically. Pick up the phone and call us or the broker you choose to help you and ask questions. If you're buying this coverage solely on price you're kidding yourself. If you change the word "OR" to "AND" in an insurance policy it's the difference between you getting your claim paid and not. How much are those couple of letters worth to you? You never know if or how you might become disabled, but you can at least try to make sure you understand what you are buying.