Guarantee Issue/High Risk Plans

“Healthy people” sometimes take for granted the ability to easily obtain important coverage to protect themselves and their family. Sometimes they wait until it’s too late. Others may never get the opportunity to have these choices.

You, and even your doctor, may consider you to be healthy, but because of a health condition, a combination of conditions, or your physical build you may have been declined for coverage from other companies.

We may be able to get you a life insurance policy if you have HIV/AIDS, Cancer, recent Heart Attack/BYPASS, Liver Transplant or ?????
No questions asked on the application for some companies
Minimum Issue age is 40 in some states – much lower for others
No Physical Exam or Dr's reports for some companies
Depending upon your age and state you can be insured up to $1,000,000 –
      no question applications generally cap you at $25,000
Permanent Whole/Universal Life Insurance
We may be able insure you if you are HIV+!
Call us if you’ve been declined elsewhere – we want your business.
Our programs give you the Life Insurance Coverage you need. We have a handful of companies that underwrite these higher risks. They all do the underwriting a little bit different. In any case we’ll try to get you what you need. You’ll pay more than someone who doesn’t have the medical condition, but the premiums are probably less than you think.

The more detailed the medical information you give us, the better the job we’ll be able to do for you. Please call us if you prefer to give that information over the phone. As with all of your information, everything is kept confidential. Complete following information to receive quotes:

We respect your privacy and will not share your data with outside parties.

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