Long Term Care

TheInsurancenet.com is dedicated to providing individuals, businesses, associations and related parties complete long-term care insurance services. We have the ability to represent over a dozen top rated companies, such as John Hancock, Unum, GE, CNA, Met Life, AIG, Prudential, Allianz and others (yes, just about all of them).

The companies below all participate (or did) in the long-term care insurance market. Click on the ones that have a link to download a sample outline of coverage**. The outline will tell you EVERYTHING you'd want to know about the policy except for price which we have to run for you. We can represent ALL of these companies on your behalf -- and like all insurance it would be at the same rate you'd get anywhere else.
First Penn
Great American
John Hancock
Lincoln Benefit

Met Life (1,2,3,4) (new content)
Mutual of Omaha
Penn Treaty
Physicians Mutual
Prudential Financial

*may no longer be selling new policies

There are thousands of places to get statistics, ratings and information in regards to long-term care insurance. Our site will attempt to simplify your search so you can accomplish what you set out to do – obtain education, information and pricing.

Most of the basics about this coverage are made available to you in the Shopper’s Guide to Long-Term Care Insurance
-- there is really no need to duplicate that information here. Also, agents are required by law to give you a copy of this before you apply for coverage.

What makes this site different is that we’ll…
1) Give you our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) with an objective outlook on whether you need coverage and how you should construct it.
2) Tell you about the tax advantages of purchasing a policy.
3) Make available the unbiased shopper’s guide.
4) Allow you to put in your information to request quotes and/or applications from any company or to have other questions answered by a qualified professional.

Just click the link to the left to get started and remember our phone number is listed above when you need us.

**long term care outline of coverage presented for information purposes only -- upon being presented with a proposal from us you'll receive an updated, state-specific outline - but these at least will give you an idea of the structure of a long term care insurance policy.