Non-Sports Disability Insurance Plans

Physicians and Surgeons High Limit Disability Insurance Download
Physicians and surgeons are finding that the traditional disability market is drying up. Securing reasonable amounts of disability insurance has become a difficult challenge as many carriers have cut way back on their issue and participation limits. With Physicians & Surgeons High Limit Disability Insurance you can provide an additional layer of disability coverage for yourself. If you are not insured up to 65% of your income, we can help.

Perfect for: Supplementing personal disability plans • Business overhead expense • Buy/sell funding • Contract Guarantees • Buying into existing practices • Bank loans • Key person coverage

Executive 400 Plan Disability Insurance Download
The Executive 400 Disability Insurance is a product that has many uses. It provides excess coverage over and above domestic carriers' issue and participation limits. It is ideal for a key executive who may need more personal disability or business disability insurance. Issue and participation limits are up to 65% of average income. This plan can be layered on top of any other coverage in force. Capitalized lump sum or monthly benefit payments are available. Optional Residual and Cost of Living Adjustment riders may be added.

Most commonly used for: Personal Disability • Business Overhead Expense • Buy-Sell Funding • Buy-In Funding • Key Person Coverage • Bank Loan Indemnification • Lease Payment Completion • Employment Agreement Indemnification

StarCover Disability Insurance Download
Domestic insurance companies deny people in the entertainment industry adequate disability protection. Starcover was created to provide badly needed coverage for actors, musicians, stunt-people, producers, directors and people in other occupations of the entertainment industry.

Starcover provides disability benefits in cases of: Loss of sight • Loss of Speech • Loss of Hearing • Temporary Total Disability • Career Ending Disability • Non-Appearance • Disfigurement • Transplant Operations • Dismemberment

Perfect for: Personal Disability, Contract or Performance Insurance, Loss of Services Indemnification

Disability Insurance Solutions Download
Persons with business or personal disability insurance needs can find many solutions with the Disability Insurance Solutions plan.

Applicable for: Income replacement • Excess disability • High-limit disability • Buy-sell agreements • Business overhead expense • Key person • Contract agreement • Bank loan indemnification

Pilots Disability Insurance/The Stoddard Plan Download
Pilots have always been a problem to insure for disability insurance. This is due in part to the nature of the job and the medical qualifications required to maintain their license. The Pilot Disability Insurance/The Stoddard Plan was designed to assist in providing an adequate disability estate for pilots everywhere.

Available for: Corporate pilots • Aerial applicator pilot • Cargo pilot • Helicopter pilot • Most commercial pilots