Being an actor, entertainer, sports star, or other high net worth individual has its own set of risks. Whether you are in need of asset management that accounts for the special needs of someone’s career that has unpredictable cash flows or the management of the risks involved with a sports or entertainment career, we can help.

This site is dedicated to protecting some of the risks that people face daily. Through an agreement with Petersen International we can address some of those special insurance needs here. However, if you are interested in asset management please contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss our services and your options. quote/info request

Who is Petersen International?
Petersen International Underwriters provides unique insurance solutions to unique insurance needs. Whether your needs are personal or for business—national, international or multi-national—Petersen International can be of service to you.

Petersen International holds one of the largest contracts to Lloyd's for underwriting disability insurance and other types of insurance coverages. For over 50 years, Petersen International has been recognized nationally and internationally for the expertise and innovation they bring to disability, medical, life and special risk insurance.