Sports Disability Insurance Plans

Professional Athlete High Limit Disability Insurance Download
From professional team sports to individual sports, we offer some of the most competitive and creative solutions to the disability insurance needs of individuals. Most professional sports qualify for coverage.

RacerCover Disability Insurance Download
Competitive sports demand competitive products. On the fast track of professional racing, World-wide High Limit Insurance: The Racecover Series takes the checkered flag every time. Automobile drivers, motorcyclists, boat or aircraft pilots can secure coverage with options for medical coverage, disability coverage, and death and/or dismemberment coverage. Benefits may be payable on a weekly and/or per missed race basis. Racecover is a comprehensive product for people in the high risk world of racing, providing: Weekly cash benefits • Major medical expense • Missed race compensation • Career-ending disability • Accidental death

An advantage for: Personal protection • Sponsor indemnification • Contract completion • Team coverage

The Links Disability Insurance Download
Disability insurance for the professional golfer including: Touring Professionals, Teaching Professionals, and Club professionals

Professional golfers have unique needs when designing a disability insurance estate.

Tournament winnings, endorsements, contracts, and cost of agents all necessitate a specialized disability insurance program.

Pro Jockey Disability Insurance Download
High limit and excess coverages for professional jockeys.